Based on our self-conception as Christians, we focus our attention on the reality of life, experiences, moral concepts and questions concerning adolescents and (young) adults. It is not about promoting knowledge on certain topics among young people that are of importance, but rather the encountering of people, the dialogue, the disputes and the exchange with the others is essential to us.

We want to support and foster adolescents and young adults in their personal development. Our intention is to encourage them to take responsibility and contribute to the development of society, the church and state, in order that they can experience themselves as participating and formative members of the community.

While looking at a consolidated Europe and our relations as part of the World Church, we seek to prepare young people from Germany and our partner countries for the upcoming developments in the various societies and communities. One of our strong concerns is to empower them to take responsibility for the societal changes in their countries and to develop legitimized democratic youth work. In doing so, we want to contribute to a European awareness and coexistence in peace, freedom and justice. 


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