Finding Traces 2016

A german - spanish youth encounter

"Finding Traces" is a photographic journey with participants from Berlin, the capital of Germany and Numancia de la Sagra, a small town in Spain. The youth is finding traces as well as similarities and differences in their daily routine by using the elements of photography.  This gives us pictures, which are just tiny fragments of our view of the world. Pictures are like a window to another world. The participants let themself into a world of experiencing, amazement, beeing curious. They get extraordinary views of another, foreign environment, which leds them beeing aware of their own perspectives, compare those and get new perceptions.



Proyecto Kieu, Numancia de la Sagra
Paul Löbe Schule Berlin
Instituto de Educatión Secundario Obligatoria „Profesor Emilio Lledo“


Wir suchen eine neue Bildungsreferentin/ einen neuen Bildungsreferenten!