ILEX Intercultural Learning EXperience

Internationale Mobilities for Students in Social Care

Intercultural, international learning experiences have a positive influence -not only in vocational qualifications- on young people. Unfortunately these experience for many young people are not easy to gain regarding the present social situations. With this project the Ludwig Wolker Haus e.V. is committed to supporting equal opportunities.

Katholisches Schulzentrum Edith Stein, Berlin
AXXELL, Karis, Finland
Tiempo Libro, Brescia, Italy
BCN Kindertagesstätte, Barcelona, Spain
Da Vinci College Dordrecht, Netherlands
Education & Mobility Fuerteventura, Spain
KEUDA, Järvenpää, Finland


Wir suchen Teilnehmende für unsere ​deutsch-rumänische Jugendbegegnung!