Experience diversity!

A German-romanian youth encounter

In the summer and autumn of 2019, twenty young people will meet for ten days each in both countries and develop a theatre performance under professional guidance. Thematically, everything revolves around the coexistence of different ethnic groups in the past and present.

European Identity. We understand multi-ethnicity as an active process in which individual ethnic groups preserve their traditions, but are at the same time in contact and exchange with others. To see this diversity as a positive value and to form an identity out of it is the approach with which the young people meet in the project.

Cooperation partner:
BDKJ-Berlin, Vorpommern Regional Office
Honterus Alumni Club, Kronstadt/Brașov
Cultural Officer for Transylvania at the BKM

You can apply here: Multiethnicity revisited


Wir suchen Teilnehmende für unsere ​deutsch-rumänische Jugendbegegnung!