Youth and Change

A Youth Encouter in Berlin and Hongkong

In July 2019 twenty Catholic young people from the diocese of Hong Kong and Berlin will meet in Germany for 10 days.

Participants will look at how social change affects young people's lives and what their role is in it. The diocese of Hong Kong and the archdiocese of Berlin do not only have life as Christian*women in the diaspora in common.
"One country - two systems" is the name given to the current principle, which grants Hong Kong far-reaching autonomy despite belonging to China.

In Germany, too, the system question has shaped the biographies of young people - in the Nazi dictatorship, in a divided Germany and through reunification.
‣ What does this mean for us today?
‣ What can we learn from others?

Together, the young people record their experiences with a camera and create a film from them. 
A return meeting will take place in Hong Kong in summer 2020.

Cooperation partners:
BDKJ Berlin
Diocesan Youth Commission Hongkong


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